Tragedy Turns A Leader into a Legend

In 2007 and 2010 respectively, two of Mr. Banister’s cousins, Tyrone and Kentril, were murdered in drive-by shootings. As result of these tragedies, Mr. Banister, who worked with his cousins as a mentor and friend with help from his wife Jennifer, went from being a leader in his community to becoming a legendary leader by turning their pain into compassion, prevention, and intervention by founding Banister’s Leadership Academy.


(FEBRUARY 6, 1989- MARCH 20, 2007)

Tyrone Banister died tragically on March 20, 2007; Tyrone was only 18 years old. Tyrone grew up with his mother, Patricia Golden, stepfather Sonny Golden, and older brother Will Banister. Tyrone was a very humorous boy who loved to make others laugh and was always smiling.

As Tyrone grew older life started to weigh heavy on his heart as he going through several different problem. He was gang-affiliated, and had run-ins with the law for possession of drugs and weapons. Tyrone was also having problems in school; although his mother did everything she could to help him, Tyrone was just not making good decisions.

On the fatal night of March 20, 2007, Tyrone Banister was murdered. Although Tyrone had made several bad decisions, with more time, Tyrone would have had the opportunity to be a very successful young man; he was personable, smart, and creative.


(MARCH 8, 1990-APRIL 10, 2010)

Kentril Banister was an intelligent young man with a hopeful future. Kentril’s life ended far too soon as a victim of a drive-by shooting—another assumed gang-related death in the streets of North Omaha. Although Kentril himself was not a member of any gang, because of gang violence, he did not receive the opportunity to fulfill his dreams and aspirations.

In his short span on earth, Kentril graduated from Burke High School in 2008. That same year, he was on his way to a successful career by going back to school to earn a degree in computer networking systems at ITT Technical Institute and completed the first year of his courses. Kentril was headed in the right direction!

Kentril was a very dedicated and loyal brother to his older sister, Tierra, John and younger brother Maijhe and touched the lives of many others. Most of all, Kentril loved his mother, Penoral Banister Wiley, very much and was very close with her. Kentril’s Motto: family comes first!